Featured Real-Life Story

The image of Jesus playfully tickling and laughing with two little boys was inspired by my own rambunctious young sons. I wanted to create a picture that portrays Jesus as someone they would want to know. Surely if He loved little children, there had to be moments of smiles and laughter. Though Playful Boys” was the least popular of the first three prints I marketed, it became a favorite of several women who, like me, were mothers of boys.

The following is an email sent to me a few years after I started online sales.

“I am raising my two grandchildren. My four year old grandchild cries each night because he is scared to sleep alone in his own bed. He loves the Lord with a love only a child can give. I had been seeking a picture of Jesus to hang near his bed for him to look at each night when I received your drawings in an email.

“I copied them and pinned them next to his bed tonight for him to see. The total joy in his face said it all!

He sat up in bed, smiled and smiled, and then laughed. He said,”Jesus is playing with the children and babies, Nana!”

“’That’s right!’ I said, ‘Jesus loves children, and He loves you and takes care of you!’

“’Yes, he does,’ he replied. And with that he laid down and while smiling and looking at the drawings he fell into a peaceful sleep!

The woman thanked me for sharing my talent and assured me that I am touching lives in a way only known to God.

As she lovingly nurtures her grandchildren, she too is touching lives in a way known only to God. And because God is watching, he blessed her, her grandson and me in a very personal way that night.