Featured Real-Life Story

From the minute I found out that my brother’s baby girl had passed away, Jean Keaton’s drawing titled, “Snuggling Infant” immediately came to my mind.  I  wanted to get it for the funeral, and was praying it would ease my brother’s pain and soften his feelings toward Heavenly Father.  Having seen it in local stores years ago, I figured I could pick one up when I had a chance.

The week was crazy and hectic with funeral plans.  Being a stay at home mom of 4 little girls, I kept putting off going to the store to purchase this print. The day before the funeral I finally went to a few stores that used to sell them, but no one sold it anymore. I felt strongly that I needed to give my brother that specific picture, and I was deflated when I couldn’t find it. I decided to email Jean through her website to see if she could ship one by express mail, but got no immediate reply. Time was running out.

I surrendered my hope of finding the Snuggling Baby print, and finally gave in to a nagging thought I had all day to go to Deseret Industries (a local thrift store).  Having no idea what I was looking for, I started aimlessly looking around and sifting through random items including a huge pile of picture frames. Uninspired I decided to leave, but decided on the way out to look through one more stack of frames.  Lo and behold, hidden under the first two was a beautiful frame with the exact print I had been hunting for! I couldn't believe my eyes! I honestly thought there would be no way of finding one in time. It was like heaven prompted someone to donate it to the store just for me to find that day!  As the realization of the Lord’s awareness and merciful guidance sank in, I started crying right there in the middle of the store.