Consent for Use and Unauthorized Use

We have made every effort to offer Jean’s prints affordably. In turn we ask that you honor Jean’s copyright privileges, and not use or reproduce her drawings without her consent.

If you wish to use any images from Jean Keaton’s collection, we are eager to assist you. Our standard Consent Policy is below. If the terms are agreeable to you, please contact us by clicking here. We will send you a Consent for Use Contract. Once completed, we in turn will consider it for approval, and if granted, we will request your payment.

Once payment is received, you will receive a digital file of the images you requested.

If you have any questions or concerns needing clarification or negotiating, feel free to contact us at

Jean Keaton Art Consent-for-Use Policy:

  1. Jean Keaton Art maintains the exclusive and unconditional rights to produce art prints of Jean Keaton’s drawings, and will not extend that right to others.

  2. To prevent Jean Keaton’s art from becoming associated with or a representation of any one group or cause, her drawings will not be used as a logo, but only as illustrations or graphics.

  3. A sample of the product will be emailed to for approval prior its use.

  4. Artwork is to be used as is, and not altered in any way such as adding background, pasting in another person or face, adding color, etc. Exceptions will require a preview of altered images by Jean Keaton for final approval.

  5. Use of Jean Keaton’s art will require an attribution (i.e., “Used with permission of artist, Jean Keaton”) and a link to her website,

  6. If permission is granted, it is only for the requested project. Additional use of Jean Keaton’s art is prohibited without further consent.

  7. Royalty fees for printed projects are determined by number of drawings used and number of copies made.

    • Cost per image is:

      • 1-100 copies.........$25

      • 100-250 copies.....$50

      • 251-500 copies...$100

    • Fee for one-time projects such as banners and posters is $30 per picture.

    • Fee for large, permanent projects such as billboards and murals is $100 per picture, unless otherwise determined.

    • Fees for use of images in slide shows/power point presentations, websites, or in posts on commercial social media pages is: One Image-$12, two to three images-$20, four to seven images-$30, eight to twelve images-$42, twelve to fifteen-$50, and over fifteen will be negotiable.

8. Terms of agreement are negotiable, and may be adjusted on an individual basis.

9. Payment can be made by credit card through the website. (Personal or cashier checks may be accepted as needed.)

10. Jean Keaton’s artwork will not be used until contract is completed and returned, royalty payment is received and final consent is provided by Jean Keaton Art.