Artist's Beliefs

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have great respect for people of all faiths and believe we all can be a source of a light in a troubled world. Our backgrounds and experiences are diverse, but we are united by a commitment to God and His loving principles.

Due to the nature of my art, I have been humbled by the countless stories of heartache shared with me. Their telling is often followed by the comment, “You probably get tired of hearing stories like mine.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Every story is personal, and each is an amazing witness to the strength of the human spirit and to the infinite love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Though I can’t comprehend how He hears the prayers of every man, woman and child, I know that He does. He answers mine, and I testify He will answer yours.

My intent in sharing some of my basic beliefs is that they will help and comfort you. Some of what you read may differ from what you believe, but hopefully much of it will ring true to you. Either way, I ask for your tolerance and respect. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the knowledge that He lives and loves each of us personally. I’m humbled by the opportunity to spread an awareness of Him through my art, and pray that it will be a conduit to the true source of all that is good- even Jesus Christ.

- Jean Keaton, Artist


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