Heavenly Dance

Pencil drawing of a little girl looking up at Jesus in delight as they dance together. What little girl doesn’t love to spin and twirl? And how much more fun it is when holding the hand of a loving adult. Dancing with Jesus would be a treat for any little girl, but for disabled little girls with limited mobility (as was the child for whom this was drawn), such an opportunity would represent the joy and perfection of Heaven itself. “”…let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. Let them praise his name in the dance.” (Psalms 149:3)  See "My Beliefs"

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All of my children, boys included, never tired of dancing with my husband or me to the music on the stereo. We have many cherished memories of our entire family dancing in the living room together until Mom and Dad gave out. Those sweet occasions helped strengthen the bonds of love that have lasted far beyond the momentary endurance of either parent or child. The thought of Jesus favoring a child in this way for a few priceless moments warms my heart.